• https://www.lejardinperdu.com/collections/gifts-for-gardeners-and-wildlife-lovers
  • https://www.lejardinperdu.com/collections/gifts-for-wildlife-lovers
  • https://www.lejardinperdu.com/collections/gifts-for-wildlife-lovers
  • https://www.lejardinperdu.com/collections/plantable-seed-cards

Plantable Cards, Gardening Gifts, Wildlife Habitats and Bird Feeders

Plantable cards are made from recycled paper packed full of wildflower seeds. Seed paper cards are a beautiful, eco friendly way to send your special message of congratulations, thanks or condolence.

Plant the card in the garden and wildflowers will grow!

If you’re looking for a gift for a gardener or wildlife lover, you’ll find a unique range of eco friendly, handmade gifts including wildlife habitats, bird feeders, gift baskets and wildflower seed bombs.

Each gift is presented in Le Jardin Perdu plantable seed paper packaging.  Made from plantable wildflower seed paper it forms part of the gift itself!

Gifts and cards that grow and help our wildlife!

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